October 20, 2017

8bitpeoples shares Knife City's Precious Jewel

Source submitted by jeriaska on 2014-08-05
Chip music netlabel 8bitpeoples has released their second EP by Knife City, featuring production by Jonathan Baken of George & Jonathan, mastering by Gabe Liberti and cover art by Alex Friedman.

Written by Luke Silas, drummer of Anamanaguchi and co-composer of the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game soundtrack, Precious Jewel is available for free download through the New York-based music distributor in mp3 format. Lossless files can be purchased for "name your price" through Bandcamp.

In addition to original Game Boy pieces written on the LSDJ music editor, the album also includes remixes by Boaconstructor, Iron Curtain, IAYD and Sabrepulse.

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