December 24, 2014

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Tanikugu's Midinize planned for Comic Market 87

Source submitted by jeriaska on 2014-12-24 - comments
MIDINIZE by chiptune duo Sigarami and Sisho of Tanikugu is due for release at Comic Market 87, featuring arrangements of music by Professor Sakamoto, Yokemura (YMCK), Hige Driver, Kunio and Robokabuto. Excerpts from the album, on sale at booth 東ユ59b on December 30, are streaming on SoundCloud.

Maltine Records shares Cat Cafe by Yoshi & Komono

Source submitted by jeriaska on 2014-12-23 - comments
The latest release by pop and dance music netlabel Maltine Records wears its game soundtrack influences on its sleeve, literally sporting a Hello Kitty Dreamcast and Jet Grind Radio jewel case on the cover art. Cat Cafe EP by Austin-based expats Yoshi & Komono features a remix by 15 year-old prodigy Chindamo and is free to download.

Michiko Naruke's Feedback 6th debuts at Comic Market

Source submitted by jeriaska on 2014-12-22 - comments
Wild Arms series composer Michiko Naruke will have her EP "Feedback 6th" available for sale at the Comic Market 87 hobbyist festival in Tokyo on December 20. Excerpts from the latest Feedback installment debuting at the Tokyo Big Sight convention center are streaming on SoundCloud.

Simogo presents The Sensational December Machine

Source submitted by jeriaska on 2014-12-21 - comments
Simogo, the Swedish developer responsible for the iOS narrative applications Year Walk and The Sailor's Dream, has made "The Sensational December Machine" available for free download over the holidays for Mac and PC. Interactive music for the storybook is by DEVICE 6 composer Daniel Olsén.

K-waves LAB studio album planned for C87

Source submitted by jeriaska on 2014-12-21 - comments
Celtic music performer Kou Ogata of k-waves LAB has lent his talents to Irish instrument arrangements of music from Final Fantasy XIV and Chrono Cross. His first studio album of original material, titled "La Malgrava Peto," will debut at Comic Market 87 on Sunday, December 28 at booth 東ネ-34b.

Rush Hour curates Sounds From The Far East

Source submitted by jeriaska on 2014-12-20 - comments
Curated by Amsterdam-based DJ Hunee, Rush Hour Recordings will publish Sounds From The Far East in January, a compilation featuring music by Far East Recording. Samples of all thirteen tracks by Ape Escape series composer Soichi Terada and House producer Shinichiro Yokota can be heard on the Rush Hour website.

Hizmi's Dendel Voile EP built on Sharp workstation

Source submitted by jeriaska on 2014-12-19 - comments
Tokyo-based electronica netlabel Bunkai-Kei Records has published Hizmi's Dendel Voile EP, currently streaming online and available for free download as a zipped archive of mp3 files. Built on a X68000 model Sharp workstation that was released in 1987 in Japan only, the five-track album features cover art by utabi.

Orloc's YOAKE debuts on 8bitpeoples catalog

Source submitted by jeriaska on 2014-12-18 - comments
This week 8bitpeoples updated its chip music catalog to include free flac and high quality mp3 file downloads. Coinciding with the website's renovation, Tokyo-based Game Boy artist Orloc (Yuko Coova) shares YOAKE, a deceptively complex lo-fi soundscape with remixes by flady (Bunkai-Kei) and onArAchAckAmAns (Maltine).

Matheus Manente shares Illusions Dimension album

Source submitted by jeriaska on 2014-12-17 - comments
Brazilian musician Matheus Manente has contributed to numerous game arrangement compilations, among them Heavy Troopa is Ready to Launch, Hydorah Arranged Tracks and Rokko Chan Soundtracks. His debut album, entitled Illusions Dimension, is now available for "name your price" through Bandcamp.

Lara Croft: Temple of Osiris music free to download

Source submitted by jeriaska on 2014-12-13 - comments
Crystal Dynamics has posted the soundtrack to Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, the four-player co-op action game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Available for download as individual mp3 files through SoundCloud, the chamber orchestra score is composed by Wilbert Roget II and Paul Houseman.

Rokko Chan Soundtracks turns two today

Source submitted by jeriaska on 2014-12-12 - comments
The freeware browser game Rokko Chan began as an ambitious experiment by a handful of talented hobbyists living in Japan. Today the soundtrack album, composed by ASAGEN and featuring arrangements by international artists, turns two and is available for free download in your file format of choice through Bandcamp.

FAMI-MODE slated for January 24, 2015

Source submitted by jeriaska on 2014-12-11 - comments
Tokyo's annual all-night 8-bit culture festival returns to Star Pine's Cafe on January 24, 2015. This year's FAMI-MODE, organized by the METEOR game culture shop, will host live performances by game-inspired artists Omodaka, SEXY-SYNTHESIZER, Kplecraft, TORIENA and AD Saitow Fumio.

Name your price for Slime Girls' Heart On Wave

Source submitted by jeriaska on 2014-12-10 - comments
The successor to the Vacation Wasteland EP, chip music album "Heart On Wave" by Slime Girls (Pedro Silva) is now available to stream in full and download in your file format of choice from Bandcamp for "name your price." All seven music tracks are composed using the LSDJ Game Boy software and produced in Reason.

Chris Remo scoring Tacoma sci-fi by Fullbright

Source submitted by jeriaska on 2014-12-09 - comments
Independent developer The Fullbright Company, based in Portland, Oregon, has unveiled the teaser trailer for Tacoma, a first-person science fiction exploration title due out in 2016. Music for the teaser is by Chris Remo, composer on Gone Home and scenario writer for Double Fine's The Cave.

PocketGamer giveaway features The Journey Down

Source submitted by jeriaska on 2014-12-08 - comments
The PocketGamer news site is holding a series of 24 hour giveaways during the month of December, highlighting award-winning mobile games. The Journey Down: Chapter One point-and-click adventure game is currently free to download from the iTunes Store, featuring music by saxophonist Simon D'souza.

Sega confirms Yakuza 5 for localization in 2015

Source submitted by jeriaska on 2014-12-07 - comments
Sega has confirmed Yakuza 5 is currently undergoing English-language localization and is intended for release digitally on the PlayStation 3 in summer 2015 through the PlayStation Network. Music for the game is by Binary Domain co-composers Hidenori Shoji and Mitsuharu Fukuyama, among other artists.

The Ongaku's Attention Economy: December Edition

Source submitted by jeriaska on 2014-12-06 - comments
The Ongaku's Attention Economy monthly feature highlights a selection of remarkable game-related albums, available for free download and "name your price." December's edition includes Christmas music by George & Jonathan, as well as Japan's thriving chiptune scene.

The Sailor's Dream music score on Amazon

Source submitted by jeriaska on 2014-12-03 - comments
Swedish independent developer Simogo has released the soundtrack to The Sailor's Dream, accessible through iTunes, Amazon, Loudr and Google Play. All 19 music tracks from the interactive narrative experience for iOS devices are composed, performed and produced by songwriter Jonathan Eng.

Name your price for Adrian Moore's FRAMED EP

Source submitted by jeriaska on 2014-12-02 - comments
Composer Adrian Moore's FRAMED EP is currently available to stream in full online and download in your file format of choice for "name your price." All four live jazz tracks appear in Loveshack Entertainment's debut iOS title FRAMED, which Metal Gear Solid designer Hideo Kojima says is the best game he has played this year.

ThatGameCompany's Cloud free to download

Source submitted by jeriaska on 2014-11-22 - comments
Today is the birthday of Vincent Diamante, audio director at ThatGameCompany. Earlier this week the composer's soundtrack to Flower was released digitally through iTunes. For those wishing to investigate Flower's origins, the company's 2006 debut title Cloud and Diamante's ten-track music score are both free to download online.