November 26, 2015

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Gamechops presents Hydrocity by halc

Source submitted by Coldguy on 2012-07-03 - comments
The Gamechops netlabel has released the album Hydrocity by OverClocked ReMix judge Halc, the results of experimenting with Native Instruments Komplete. The forty-minute album explores multiple genres, "from chiptune-influenced electro and dubstep to ambient beats, FM funk and jazz fusion."

Bits of Me released by brentalfloss

Source submitted by Coldguy on 2012-06-27 - comments
Brent "brentalfloss" Black, best known for adding lyrics to classic videogame tunes on his Youtube-based "With Lyrics" series, has released the album "Bits of Me" through iTunes and Amazon mp3. A selection from among the 18 music tracks by the parodist is available to stream in full on Bandcamp.

Inverse Phase holding listening party for Pretty Eight Machine

Source submitted by Coldguy on 2012-06-04 - comments
Game cover artist Inverse Phase is preparing Pretty Eight Machine for release. The album is a re-imaging of Nine Inch Nails' Pretty Hate Machine, experienced through the lens of eight different 8-bit systems. Tune in to Noise Channel on Arecibo Radio on June 14 to hear TrueStar play the album from start to finish.

Kill3r Whale shares Game Boy party songs

Source submitted by Coldguy on 2012-05-09 - comments
Kill3r Whale (Robert Joffred and Andrew Lim) of Philadelphia have released EP "Let's Party" via Bandcamp, available to download for "name your price." Melding Game Boy chip music with indie rock, the four-track song collection might make you nostalgic for music hits from years gone by.

GameChops game-inspired netlabel launches

Source submitted by Coldguy on 2012-04-02 - comments
Dj Cutman has launched a new not-for-profit netlabel called GameChops, where artists inspired by classic videogames and modern electronic dance music can showcase their work. Currently three artists are featured on the website, with submissions open to the public via the label's SoundCloud DropBox.

Knife City releases self-titled album

Source submitted by Coldguy on 2012-03-11 - comments

From Luke Silas, the drummer of chip pop band Anamanaguchi, Knife City's self-titled album has been released for free download through 8bitpeoples, as well as on Bandcamp for "name your price."  Engineering input has been contributed by Gabe Liberti and Jonathan Baken.