October 20, 2017

TAMUSIC previews FF Violin V compilation

Source submitted by jeriaska on 2013-07-21
Violinist TAM of the game arrangement circle TAMUSIC has announced the fifth volume in the FF Violin series of acoustic Final Fantasy arrange albums.

Streaming on the below embedded SoundCloud player are samples of "Battle 1" from Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy IV,"Home Sweet Home" and "The Last Battle" from Final Fantasy V, "The Decisive Battle" from Final Fantasy VI, "Those Chosen by the Planet" and "Electric De Chocobo" from Final Fantasy VII, as well as "The Man with the Machine Gun," "Balamb Garden" and "Blue Fields" from Final Fantasy VIII.

Below, TAM performs an improvised rendition of the main battle theme from Final Fantasy VII to announce FF Violin V.

TAMUSIC SoundCloud - FF Violin V