July 03, 2015

Mega Ran Japan Tour finale at Sabaco on Ustream

Source submitted by jeriaska on 2013-06-27
Video of the Mega Ran Japan Tour's final show, taking place at the Sabaco venue in Waseda, Tokyo, has been archived in two parts and is available to view online, courtesy of Ustream.

Participating game-inspired musicians included DJ DN3 (6:15pm JST), Mega Ran (7:00 pm), Kplecraft (7:45 pm), Motohiro Kawashima (8:30 pm) and Kunio, featuring Mega Ran Crash Man freestyle (9:00 pm), performing together with VJs m7kenji and Lazerbeat. Examples of music tracks by the various artists can be found below on SoundCloud.

Details on the full two-week tour can be found on the Mega Ran Japan webpage. The finale can be viewed in the below embedded players.

Ustream - Sabaco Radio

Video streaming by Ustream
Video streaming by Ustream