September 20, 2017

8-Bit Operators' Devo tribute: Crack That Chip! released

Source submitted by jeriaska on 2012-12-12
Chiptune cover collective 8-Bit Operators have released their highly anticipated Devo tribute album "Crack That Chip!" on 12/12/12. The album features seventeen lo-fi covers by Goto80, 8 Bit Weapon, Bubblyfish, ComputeHer, Glomag and Minusbaby.

A crossfade preview of thirteen tracks can be heard on Mixcloud, embedded below, while the entire album can be streamed on Bandcamp. The collective's two-volume WANNA HLD YR HANDHELD (a tribute to the Beatles) is also available through Bandcamp.

8-Bit Operators on Bandcamp - Crack That Chip! DEVO Tribute