November 25, 2015

E.X. Troopers soundtrack samples on Cap'stone

Source submitted by jeriaska on 2012-11-20
Cap'stone, Capcom's sound team homepage, has uploaded streaming samples of eleven music tracks from PlayStation 3 and Nintendo 3DS action title E.X. Troopers. Complementing the game's anime rendering of the Lost Planet universe, the upbeat score by Yasumasa Kitagawa features several J-pop vocal tracks.

Mastered at Sterling Sound in New York, the single-disc E.X. Troopers: The Bounded Soundtrack is due for release today in Japan through Capcom's Suleputer record label. There are no current plans for the manga-themed spin-off title to be localized for English-language release.

Cap'stone - E.X. Troopers: The Bounded Soundtrack